4 Keys to Defensive Driving


4 Keys to Defensive Driving

Today we focus on the new-age safety equipment found in the newer vehicles like blind spot detection, autonomous braking, lane keep assist and many other options. Safety is the name of the game, but it all starts with the driver!

No matter how old you are or how long you've been behind the wheel, staying safe on the road begins with you as the driver. There are obviously a lot of variables out there that can affect what happens on the road, but if you follow these four simple tips, your chances of staying safe will increase greatly

Driving Safety Tips

Tip #1 - Eliminate Distractions

Put your cell phone down, or at least set up a hands free system in your car. Avoid eating, multi-tasking, long phone conversations or complex conversations with passengers. Put yourself in a position where you are going to be able to focus on the road and not other things around you.

Tip #2 -- Prepare yourself for your trip

Regardless of the distance you'll be driving, or possible ease/difficulty of terrain, be prepared! Don't be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, have a clear mind and be rested. Make sure your vehicle is maintained properly, with proper tire pressure and enough fuel in the tank to easily make the trip -- even factoring traffic delays.

Tip #3 -- Pay Attention to People on the Road

It's not just you out there. You need to be mindful not only of what you're doing, but what everyone else is doing out there. From other cars, cyclist, pedestrians and any other form of transportation -- legal or otherwise, you need to constantly pay attention and anticipate their moves. Drive at a safe speed and leave plenty of space for safe evasive maneuvering.

Tip #4 -- Obey the Rules

Since it's not just you and your car out on the road, following the prescribed rules of the road is important. Drive within the speed limit, signal your lane changes, don't tailgate and follow posted traffic signs. If everyone follows the rules of the road, opportunities for accidents will considerably drop.

You are your vehicle are the key to defensive driving

Following these will help you reduce the chance of an automotive accident, but if your vehicle isn't in safe operating condition, it could all be for naught as your car won't be able to react when you need it to. Proper vehicle maintenance is vital to keeping you and other motorists safe on our city streets.

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