The Industry has Changed... for the Better

February 15 2023, John Nicholson


No longer the high-pressure environment of yester-year

We've seen the movies, "Analyze This," "Suckers," or even "The Goods." We know how car sales people are characterized. You've heard car sales people ranked up-there with lawyers for biggest scumbag (until you require service from one of them, of course).

While I will admit, many of these stereotypes have been justifiable at one time. There may still be a few bad apples out there, but the industry has drastically changed -- and for the better. Rules and regulations are the name of the game now. Sales people and dealerships at large operate under strict codes of ethics, outlined by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC).

The reality is, and always will be, there are bad apples out there. People who are selfish and greedy and not caring about the rules, ethics or have any empathy for other people and how their actions may affect other people. We have heard of or seen stories of bad actors in the news recently. Dealerships are accused of price gouging or not adhering to certain consumer protection regulations. By-in-large, these incidents are isolated and restricted to the few and are not a representation of the many, or the industry as a whole.

What many don't acknowledge this when they go out to shop for cars, the people working at car dealerships are just regular people. People who have a job to do because society dictates their services are required. They have families of their own. They live and socialize in the very communities they work in.

Could you imagine a reality where you buy your car at Costco? Just head down to aisle six and select the vehicle of your choosing and hope someone is there to help you with the myriad of questions you may have. Which truck is best suited to tow my trailer? What's the electric range on this new PHEV vehicle? The list of relevant questions is endless. The brands and different types of cars, suvs, trucks and vans are seemingly endless. The expertise required to properly handle all the questions is not something you should be taken lightly. Do you know how complex today's automobile are? They're basically computers on wheels. There's a lot of training these sales representatives have to undertake and maintain to be able to work in the industry.

Say goodbye to high-pressure sales people and say hello to sales consultants

You remember the old "local" car dealer ads where someone is wearing a cheesy suit and is screaming, "Come Down Right Now…". You don't see those anymore because they don't resonate with the public. Now it's all about lifestyle and just finding what works best for you and your family.

The internet has really helped alter the landscape in how people shop and it's no different with the auto-industry. Customers now have access to an endless amount of information. From blogs, video reviews, regular article reviews, forums, manufacturer/dealer websites, consumers are able to get their info without ever needing to step inside the dealership.

With consumers being so well-informed and prepared before ever stepping foot in a dealership, sales people realize the only way to earn someone's business is to be genuine and treat them with respect. Customers know what they are after when they walk in and don't want to be pressured into something they may not want or need.

At Kia Sudbury Motors we created a pay-plan to help avoid these sorts of situations. The sales team gets paid a salary and a flat commission per sale -- regardless of the type of car/suv, the price or whether it's new or used. You can rest easy knowing the information you're being told comes from a place of honesty and expertise and has no bearing on the sales rep's wallet.

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